Weight Loss Transformation Program

How long have you been dreaming about…..

Getting a slim waistline without having to slog for hours in the gym ?
Shedding that extra fat without having to worry about gaining it all back
Having a chiseled figure without going through a punishing diet regime of foods you hate eating.
How about being active & productive all day long ?
And you believe it’s never going to happen? Right? Riiightt? Wrong!!
Hey, I’m Mukta Tolani a Certified Nutritionist & Lifestyle Consultant. I have helped over 1200+ people across 6 countries worldwide, to achieve & sustain their fitness transformations.
And I am here to help you achieve your weight loss & fitness goals without putting you through punishing Diet regimes or hours of strenuous workouts.
I am looking for fitness conscious people who want to hit their weight loss target & put an end to the battle of the bulge with my Weight Loss Transformation program.

What you can expect : 3 to 5 kgs weight loss a month. This is the safe, sustainable & recommended speed of weight loss. Results vary from person to person.

What is included in the program : 
⭐ Customized Diet Plan based on your personal goals, likes dislikes & Health History
⭐ Guidelines for choosing the right foods to increase fat burn.
⭐ Sample Meal Plans
⭐Healthy Snack options
⭐Progress Trackers
⭐Measurements chart
⭐Weekly Check-ins.
⭐Guidelines for healthy cooking
⭐Guidelines for eating out
⭐Understanding Fitness Principles
⭐Guidelines to burn more calories in less time during your workout
⭐Maintenance Program to keep the weight off.
If you enroll by 31st December (for a 2 months or longer Program) you get these bonuses : 
✅Bonus 1 : Healthy Food substitutes list & where to buy them
✅ Bonus 2: 100+ Innovative Recipes for making yummy & nutritious food.
✅ Bonus 3: My Secret method to burn 400-700 extra Calories every day without even noticing.
✅ Bonus 4 : Travel/ Vacation diet plan.
✅Bonus 5 : 30-40 minutes training on setting your Weight Loss Goal & Milestones.
If you think this is the best chance for you to create your dream figure /physique all you need to do is enroll by choosing any one Program :
1 month (2 Consultations + All program inclusions .No Bonus) : Rs. 3999
2 months (4 Consultation + All program inclusions + Bonus) : Rs. 6999
3 months (6 Consultation+ All program inclusions + Bonus) : Rs. 9,999
Payment options : Google Pay : 9819622299 ( Mukta Tolani )
UPI : mukta1811@icici
& NEFT / IMPS ( Bank details will be given on message)
If paying by Google Pay or UPI, make the payment for the selected duration & message your payment screenshot with your full name
on Instagram DM or Email radianthealthforall@gmail.com
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