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Before I started the Weight loss program with Mukta I used to feel lethargic & low in energy. I had to deal with bouts of gluttony and suffered from guilt after eating certain foods.

After starting the weight loss plan, I lost 7 Kgs & 3 inches on the waist. I went from Regular XXL to wearing slim fits. I now feel very fresh & energetic & my digestive system is aligned very well. Stamina and strength increased.

Mukta gives a very simplistic diet plan. It was personalized to my likes and dislikes. There were no compulsions and no exotic foods involved.Not at all expensive to maintain. The diet plan gave me enough freedom to handle cravings too. It was more about creating self-awareness.

Mukta made diet food interesting with her recipe book. The concept of mindfulness behind eating which she made me aware of was a break-through for my food life. It helped create a shift in consciousness which resulted in making healthy choices. Now choosing healthy food is a way of life more than a regime to follow. Without applying restrictions and compulsions, I developed a natural NO towards food that’s not very healthy. And sometimes even if I crave and do eat, it doesn’t affect me adversely. I have recommended her to my family as well as a lot of my friends and colleagues.

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