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I had struggled with my weight for a long time before I met Mukta. Earlier, I used to live to eat. Then when I gained weight, I would go to renowned Nutritonist’s centers & Slimming centers, where I was given crash diets and machine based slimming sessions. Sure, the weight would come down fast. But since was a temporary thing, not a lifestyle change, the weight was gained back just as quickly.

Initially when I met Mukta I was very sceptical about going on yet another diet, and it’s success in the long term. But I am glad that it was different this time. After the Nutrition and weight loss program with Mukta, my approach towards food has changed. I used to have a lot of food cravings earlier. Also, I did not know what food is good for my body & what is not. All those issues got solved during the consultation program.

I could manage my diet & weight even though I was travelling during the program. The weight loss diet that she gave me was very doable. There was good variety. And I would say it’s more of a lifestyle change rather than diet. Not only did I lose 10 kgs, I gained a lot of confidence, as I have now learnt how to manage my weight on my own. During the maintenance phase, I learnt how to eat my favourite foods & still maintain the lost weight. I am happy that I came across Mukta & trusted in her. Total Weight lost : 10 kgs Overall inch loss: 18″

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