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I have been working out regularly from past 3 years .Despite that I felt that I was not getting the results as I desired in terms of lowered fat percentage and increased energy levels. I consulted Mukta in June 2017 with a specific agenda of only fat loss. And I’m glad to say that results are seen in these 2.5 months not only by me but also by my friends and relatives. I am confident that with her guidance I will further achieve my target. The diet she gave is easy to follow. It doesn’t require you to get exotic food items. Also it doesn’t make you starve.

In fact I’m eating more now than I ate earlier. But now I am eating right. And that’s the difference. Mukta knows her subject well. She understands the practicality of our busy lives and advises accordingly. She also guides on how to handle exceptional scenarios. I have also recommended her to some of my friends. & I would highly recommend the program to those who are conscious about their health and fitness.

Please note:
Results may vary from person to person


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