Avani Parekh

Lost 8.4 Kilo Grams

Before meeting Mukta, a mistake that I made was, I followed a Diet plan meant for someone else. This was because I didn’t realize that an eating pattern that works for one person may not work for my body. So due to that I suffered from a lot of weakness & health issues. Then I decided to take up professional help. A friend referred me to Mukta and I am glad that I consulted her.

After following the Custom made diet plan given to me by her, not only did I lose weight. I also started feeling more energetic & active. I lost 3.5” on the waist , 5.5” on low waist & 8.4 kgs in 2 months. I’ve been getting lot of compliments ever since then.

The Diet was easy to follow and it was adjusted as per my schedules. My habits also changed gradually, for the better . I am very happy with my results. Mukta is very approachable, helpful & inspiring. All through the program, she had always been available to answer my doubts whenever I got stuck.Anyone who wants to lose weight or improve their eating habits ,I would strongly recommend them to consult Mukta & reach your goals effortlessly.


Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person

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