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About the Diet Plan

Fat loss & Body composition is the correct method to gauge health & fitness levels. Our programs are fitness oriented. Hence our diet plans focus mainly on helping you with lifestyle improvement and fat loss by cultivating healthy habits, thereby losing excess fat and improving body composition.

As a general guideline, our clients typically lose 3 to 5 kgs in a month. However, there can be no guarantees. Each person has different result, as weight loss is dependent on various factors like activity level, age, gender, body composition, genetic factors & level of adherence of the suggested program.

We are glad you asked this! The answer is a big, resounding Yes! When you are working out, your requirement for proteins & micro-nutrients increases. Your diet plan will be designed after understanding your workout routine. After all, a health program can never be complete without exercise.

Yes! A lot of our clients travel as an important part of their work. We understand that & so we design the diet plan that is in sync with the lifestyle requirements you may have. You will be guided with meal planning during travelling. We will also help you choose the best options when you’re in a new city/country.

Yes. The diet plan will be designed to fit your work schedule, likes-dislikes, availability & practicality of food options. If you work in shifts, your meal plans will be adjusted according to it.

No. The whole idea is to regulate your food intake & help you to get fit & be in the pink of health while losing weight. So you will be eating wholesome meals with snacks at regular intervals.

No. There are no shortcuts to great health. Meal Replacements or Fat Burners can cause a lot of side effects, which is definitely against our goal of being fit. We help you achieve your fitness goals through diet, exercise & lifestyle changes.

No. The meal plans are simple and easy to stick to & are customized to suit your food preferences & lifestyle.

No. We don’t suggest any herbs or medications. We believe in natural methods to assist weight loss/fat loss.

Yes. The diet plan will be customized to suit your likes-dislikes & food orientation. The whole idea is to have a diet plan that is doable.

About the Program

Ours is more of an awareness program rather than a mere diet chart. We want you to get lasting results. Hence we require a minimum of 2 months commitment from you, as the changes are made gradually and several topics are covered in the consultation.

Online consultation is the same as face to face consultation except that the consultations are done over phone calls/video calls and emails. The program pattern remains the same however.

The program is non-refundable. It is transferable to a family member or relative.

Ours is more of an awareness program. And the last 2 consultations are for maintenance. So by the time the program gets over you will be fully equipped to plan and manage your diet & exercise properly in varying circumstances. We also give you notes which will always stay with you. If you ever require any help besides that, we are just a phone call or an email away.

Each person’s requirements are different & each person’s goal my differ from the other.  Since we know which of our program will help you reach your goal, we help you to take this decision based on your health assessment. The idea is to eat right & stay fit lifelong, and not just for a few months.

About Exercise

Yes we do. A well-structured exercise program is an inevitable part of a weight loss/fitness program. We will be making an exercise chart/fitness routine for you based on your current fitness levels.

That depends on your fitness levels and likes-dislikes. You have a lot of choices like Yoga, Strength training,Spin-Cycling, Running or fun activities like cycling, dancing, zumba etc.

Any form of exercise that is challenging enough and that you enjoy doing will be suggested. You will also be explained the fundamentals of a good exercise routine so that you can choose your exercise routine wisely.

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