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Weight Loss Transformation Program


Weight Loss Transformation Program is a goal oriented nutrition awareness program designed for sustainable fat loss & inch loss. Keeping your goal in mind, the diet plan will be adjusted with your current food habits, lifestyle & time schedule. We help you set & achieve your fitness goals for lasting results.

What makes our program unique is that we do not focus merely only on weight loss (which in most cases is also a loss of lean body mass). We help you to shed excess fat from your body, while preserving your lean body tissue. That means our main focus is on reducing your fat percentage.

We assist you in accomplishing your goal by guiding you in the formation of new diet & lifestyle habits which, in addition to putting you in a caloric deficit, also support proper digestion, satiety & good health. After you reach your goal, we also provide you with a maintenance plan which will help you maintain your new weight while also eating your favorite foods & keep improving your fitness levels even after the program is over. We believe that being fit & eating right is a way of life, not just a temporary fix.

New Life

Our Aim Is To

Help you to shed excess fat & create a lean, toned & chiseled figure/physique that you desire.

Help you clear the myths surrounding food & fat loss.

Help you develop awareness about fitness & good nutrition.

Help you evolve into an eating pattern that best suits your likes-dislikes, work schedules, lifestyle pattern & goals.

Help you to form new habits, so that your results will last for good.

Help prevent lifestyle diseases associated with obesity like Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Cardio Vascular diseases, Stroke etc.

What Is Included In

Weight Loss Program

  1. Customized Weight Loss Diet Chart
  2. What to eat, what to avoid & Why
  3. Sample Meal Plans
  4. Progress Chart
  5. Healthy Snack options
  6. Guidelines for healthy cooking
  7. Guidelines for eating out
  8. Recipe books for making yummy & nutritious food
  9. Food shopping guide
  10. Understanding Fitness Principles
  11. Customized workout plan
  12. Guidelines for an effective workout
  13. Travel/ Vacation diet plan
  14. Maintenance Program to keep the weight off
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