Therapeutic Nutrition Program

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Therapeutic Nutrition Program


Therapeutic Nutrition Program is designed for people who are suffering from health conditions who also want to manage their weight. It is ideal for people who might be having conditions like Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid Imbalance, Hormonal imbalance, Constipation, Digestive issues etc.

Our body is a magnificent machine designed to stay fit & healthy all our life. It is always striving to maintain equilibrium. It is only when we do not pay attention to its requirements that it starts to react by manifesting a disease or disorder. Many of the health issues are caused by a prolonged neglect towards one’s diet & lifestyle habits. Once you start correcting your food pattern & start a structured exercise routine, your body will bounce back to good health. It is our intention to help you minimize your dependency on pills & bounce back to vibrant health naturally.

New Life

Our Aim Is To

Help you clear all the myths & develop awareness about fitness & good nutrition.

Help you to manage your health & well-being, while also managing your body weight.

Help you minimize your dependency on medications & control your health by suitable lifestyle changes.

Help you evolve into an eating pattern that best suits your likes, dislikes, lifestyle pattern & goals

Help you to form new habits, so that your results will last for good.

Help prevent malnutrition & related diseases.

What Is Included In

Therapeutic Nutrition Program

  1. Customized Therapeutic Diet Chart
  2. What to eat, what to avoid & Why
  3. Sample Meal Plans
  4. Progress Chart
  5. Healthy Snack options
  6. Guidelines for healthy cooking
  7. Guidelines for eating out
  8. Recipe books for making yummy & nutritious food
  9. Food shopping guide
  10. Customized workout plan
  11. Guidelines for an effective workout
  12. Travel/ Vacation diet plan
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