Mother Care Nutrition Program

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Mother Care Nutrition Program


Ability to be a mother is one of the best gifts that nature has bestowed upon a woman. And yet it is a tough & demanding phase of a woman’s life. Your body goes through several changes during this phase. Along with increased nutrient demands, the phase is accompanied by mood swings, cravings, digestive trouble, nausea and irregular appetite, which make it difficult to eat right. We consider all this and plan your diet accordingly.

What you eat in this phase will determine your health & well-being for several years to come. Moreover; it will also influence your baby’s health for a very long time. That’s why, it’s important to watch your diet & lifestyle.

Whether you are planning to have a baby, or have conceived or have recently delivered & lactating, the Mother Care Nutrition Program will help you meet all your nutritional requirements in this crucial stage of your life.

New Life

Our Aim Is To

Ensure that you get the right amount of nourishment in this important phase of life.

Ensure that you gain only healthy weight during pregnancy.

Help you to shed excess post pregnancy fat & create a lean, toned & chiseled figure/physique that you desire.

Help you clear the false beliefs and the several myths associated with food & nutrition during pregnancy & lactation.

Help you evolve into a healthy eating pattern that best suits your likes-dislikes, work schedules, lifestyle pattern & physiological needs.

Help prevent diseases associated with improper nutrition during pregnancy like Gestational Diabetes, Thyroid Imbalance, Obesity.

Help you manage stress due to the hormonal changes.

Help you to form new habits, so that eating healthy becomes a way of life.

What Is Included In

Mother Care Nutrition Program

  1. Customized Mother Care Diet Chart (Pregnancy/Lactation/Post-Natal Weight Loss)
  2. Guidelines & DIY home solutions for minimizing stretch marks & to enhance & preserve your beauty
  3. What to eat, what to avoid & Why
  4. Sample Meal Plans
  5. Progress Chart (in case of post-natal weight loss)
  6. Healthy Snack options
  7. Guidelines for healthy cooking
  8. Guidelines for eating out
  9. Recipe books for making yummy & nutritious food
  10. Food shopping guide
  11. Customized workout plan
  12. Guidelines for an effective workout
  13. Complimentary : Travel/ Vacation diet plan
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