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Detox Lifestyle Program

Our body has fantastic detox mechanism where in, it gets rid of all the toxic matter on a regular basis. Liver, Kidneys, Skin etc. are constantly working to rid the body of toxic matter. However, irregular eating habits & excessive exposure to processed food, junk food, alcohol, caffeine nicotine, sugar & fast carbohydrates, eating late at night, all these habits put a strain on the functioning of these organs & interfere with the smooth functioning of this mechanism. This is where the Detox program comes in as a savior.


A detox diet can do much more than mere weight loss. It’s a process that requires minimum 3 months of time. Bonus results of this program include higher energy levels, slimmer waist, less or no cellulite, a smooth, glowing & clear skin, sparkling eyes and a smooth functioning of internal organs which positively change your experience of being alive.

New Life

Our Aim Is To

Help you with a clean eating diet and lifestyle pattern that assists your body’s detox mechanism to work at its optimum..

Help you evolve into a healthy eating pattern that best suits your likes-dislikes, work schedules, lifestyle pattern & physiological needs.

Help you to form new habits, so that eating healthy becomes a way of life.

Help you clear the myths surrounding food, nutrition & fitness.

Help you develop awareness about fitness & good nutrition.

What Is Included In

Detox Lifestyle Program

  1. A Customized Detox diet plan
  2. What to eat, what to avoid & Why
  3. Sample Meal Plans
  4. Constant motivation & support to stick by your plan
  5. Progress Chart
  6. Healthy Snack options
  7. Guidelines for healthy cooking
  8. Guidelines for eating out
  9. Recipe books for making yummy & nutritious food
  10. Detox Smoothie & Juice Recipes
  11. Food shopping guide
  12. Customized workout plan
  13. Guidelines for an effective workout
  14. Complimentary : Travel/ Vacation diet plan
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