You Are What You Eat!

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You are what you eat. What you eat impacts not just your weight, but also your body composition, hair, skin, bone density, your heart health, the health of all your vital organs & also your state of mind, keep your house clean. Therefore, your diet can have an impact on every area of life. And a good diet will not just make you lose or gain weight, but it will affect your health & wellbeing positively, so that you can be energetic, raring to go, productive at work & be the best & fittest version of yourself.

Whatever your health goal & current health status, we offer a variety of Diet Programs to suit your requirements. Moreover, our Diet Programs go way beyond the routine suggestions of adjusting your calories or restricting portion sizes. Instead, we help you to form long term habits & healthy practices that will become a way of life once you adopt them.

Salad For A Diet Program
We have programs for all age groups right from infancy to old age & for all stages of one’s life. Whether you are a teenager dealing with acne or a bride-to-be, wanting to look gorgeous for your big day! Moreover, for each one of these programs, you can choose whether you want to visit us or consult online. Listed below are the various programs for you to choose from.

This month’s diet is next months body!

Choose From Our Diet Programs

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Transformation Program is a goal oriented nutrition awareness program designed for sustainable fat loss & inch loss.

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Nutrition & Wellness Program

Nutrition & wellness program is a healthy eating plan which is meant for people who may not want to lose or gain weight, but want to eat right.

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Mother Care Nutrition Program

Ability to be a mother is one of the best gifts that nature has bestowed upon a woman. And yet it is a tough & demanding phase of a woman’s life.

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Detox Lifestyle Program

Clean eating program for those who wants to be in the pink of health. Results include fat loss, higher energy levels, a slimmer waist etc.

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Weight Gain Program

This program is a goal oriented awareness program designed for helping you gain lean body weight & reach your ideal body composition.

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Therapeutic Nutrition Program

Therapeutic Nutrition Program is designed for people who are suffering from health conditions who also want to manage their weight.

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Beauty Care Nutrition Program

A nutritious diet can bring enormous positive change to the quality of your hair, skin & nails, along with managing your weight.

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Online Nutrition Program

Get a customized diet & workout program from the comfort of your home or workplace, without having to travel to us.

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You will love our

Customized Special Nutrition Plans

Weight Loss Transformation Program

Per Month
  • Customized Diet Chart
  • Recipe Books
  • Workout Plan
  • Progress Chart

Nutrition & Wellness Program

Per Month
  • Effective Workout Plan
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Food Shopping Guide
  • Progress Chart
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