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Weight Loss Tips


    Weight loss tips-
    To begin with, remember that weight-loss is not about starving your way to a thin body! It needs to be a sensible approach that fulfills your nutritional requirements & makes you get to your ideal body composition (or fat percentage). Here are some simple and effective ways towards a nutritionally balanced weight loss-

    • Have at least 3 to 4 servings of fruits twice a day 
    • Cut out the following foods from your diet:
    • - Refined flour /maida
    • - Sugar, Salt, Oily / fried foods,
    • - Polished rice
    • - & all the foods containing the above ingredients
    • - Polished rice
    • - Anything that is processed, packaged, microwaved, preserved, loaded with chemicals.
    • Have a variation in grains – limited quantity of either of these grains per meal - jowar, bajra, nachani, makai or unpolished rice. 
    • Eat at regular intervals of 2 to 3 hours to keep your BMR high.
    • Make it a point to include salads in your diet. Start your meals with a salad.
    • Half an hour to 1 hour of cardio activity like skipping, swimming, brisk walk, dance can go a long way in helping you lose excess fats. Power Yoga is great for targeting specific areas & shaping up the way you want to.
    • Have an early dinner, ideally by 7.30 / 8.00 pm. If you regularly eat a heavy dinner, especially post 9 pm, you are on your way to gaining weight.
    • Make your food tasty by adding more of herbs, spices & natural flavors like curry leaves, cumin seeds etc. Less oil won’t make it boring if you strike the balance between different tastes like savory, sweet, bitter, spicy & sour.
    • Have a glass of vegetable juice daily. This will give your body the alkalinity that it needs & will also supply it with rich organic nutrients.
    • Have your vegetables steamed, sautéed or very lightly cooked with minimal or no oil at all! With a little creativity it can still be made finger lickin’ tasty.